Mini Post About Nothing #21: It’s My Blog Birthday!

I’m currently writing this from the Boston airport as I wait for my connection to London.  I just received a text alert from WordPress that it’s my blogaversary (is that spelled wrong? Yeah, I think it is.)

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me since the creation of this blog two years ago!!!

To all of you lovely readers, followers, visitors, and the like: you are all super amazing and I love you all! It would be kind of awkward to only write for myself 🙂 I’m so glad you chose to stop by my blog even if it is only for a short jaunt!

If I can write one thing that helps you or amuses you in a world that isn’t always so fun then I think I’ve done my job. This coming year will hopefully allow me to share with you some new writings (starting with this fanfic *wince*).

Thanks again for reading and I’ll speak with all of you lovlies sometime tomorrow after my flight!

And YES that also means YOU stranger that has never been to this blogsite before 🙂

Wish me safe flying! (But actually because there is a hurricane coming this way. But of course there’s a freaking hurricane!)



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