Christ Church College and Harry Potter

There is currently a gnat flying confusedly in a small square around my room. He’s been following this same path for about an hour now, and a second gnat friend just came to join him… Now they’re flying in a couple square. How cute. 

Now if you could both just please find your way out of my room. Two windows are open, there’s plenty of space. 

In other news, today my Oxford group visited Christ Church College, one of the many under the title of Oxford University. This one houses several hallways (including the Great Hall) which the Harry Potter sets were based specifically off of. It’s one of the biggest, oldest, and wealthiest of the colleges here and is pretty elite as far as the students it accepts. All though, I don’t think you can get any more elite than All Souls College which accepts only graduates and higher ranked academics doing research. They are selected (for the most part) from the highest ranking students within Oxford, and you do not apply. They pick you. 

Oh. Snap. 

Here are some pictures from Christ Church. A few of them involve Harry Potter in some way. I wonder if you can guess the scenes. (I mean, it doesn’t really matter, I’ll just end up telling you anyway.) 


This is what the Great Hall was based off of on some level





Here is where charms class was held. Wingardium Leviosa and all that jazz! 


I’m not sure if you can tell from my poor picture-taking ability, but this is the hallway that they pass through pretty often–the one where McGonagall stands off to the side and is always telling Ron and Harry to get to class. I know that’s a super vague description, but I’m not a super huge Harry Potter buff, so that’s the best I can do as far as description. 



This doesn’t have to do with Harry Potter, but I thought these stained-glass windows were super amazing. They are all over the church, and with the exception of a few that were redone in a more modern style, most of these are still standing from the building’s foundation in the–and this might be wrong, my date remembering ability is a little sketchy–the 12th century? If not, it was the 13th. Either way: it was a REALLY FREAKING LONG TIME AGO! The paint itself has faded over the years, making the newer additions (windows they had to fix) actually look a little gaudy in comparison).

My Medieval World professor (who is the medievalist here at Brasenose College) is the one who toured us around Oxford today, pointing out all of the buildings and locations that applied to all things medieval (and to my class, which is really cool too!)

He will be taking us to London next week to further the medieval tour, and we will be visiting the Tower of London and the torture museum there, so expect pictures and cool stories 🙂

Side note: A massive protest for the freedom of Palestine just passed my college; I could hear them chanting even though I’m down an alley off of the main road. That’s something I’ve noticed about England: they love to protest. I find it fascinating, because it’s not something I often see in the States (at least not where I’m from) and certainly nothing that large and/or organized. Usually what I see in the U.S. is just silent marching. This is much more exciting. 

Okay, that’s it for this post I think. I will be continuing to provide updates and pictures, though my schedule is kind of a “whenever I get a chance to type it out” thing right now. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will also be able to provide the next chapter of the fanfiction for those who are interested. 

Kay, Bye!!!




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