I’m Back! For Half a Post.

Would you like to know what I have been doing in all the time I have not been posting?


I passed my math class with a 4.0! Killed it 🙂

I edited a novel for my good friend Julia, and it was really exciting because I love editing novels. It was also a good novel. That helps a lot!

I went to Disney World.

I passed all of my finals. Including two ten page papers that made me want to sink down into a dark whole and never ever come out.

And now? I’m in Kentucky to celebrate Christmas with my family.

Oh, and I’m about to freeze my computer battery to keep it from having a meltdown. Literally. It overheats like you wouldn’t believe. I sent it in to the computer doctor and he said it’s because my laptop is old.

So that’s been my life for the last month. Sorry that it has been so long, but you might have to wait a little longer for a real post. I’m supposed to kill my battery, freeze it, kill it again, and so on until the battery life improves. It’s currently at fifteen minutes (as in that is my computer’s battery life when fully charged), so it really can’t get worse, right?

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and safety into the New Year! Hopefully we will be able to chat before the start of 2015, but we’ll see with this dinosaur of a laptop.

Ta ta for now,



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