Twins, Not Hallucinations

Guys, guys, guys, I have something to tell you.

I almost did it. I almost fell for one of the most contrived, cliché, overused movie tropes EVER!

I was waiting in the hallway outside of my university chorus class about fifteen minutes before it started. A girl walks by that I know–she sits in my section, let’s call her Kelly–in a green shirt and blue jeans. Pretty simple, right? Well, obviously I didn’t think anything of it, because who would? It was nothing strange.

Until about two minutes later. When Kelly walks by me again, walking in the same direction she had previously, and in a completely different outfit. Red coat, white pants–no green to be found. None. Whatsoever. And, strangely, the way that building is set up, there is no way whatsoever that she could have gotten to the other end of the hallway, run up the stairs, crossed the entire building, run down the stairs, changed clothes, and made it to where I was standing in a two minute time frame. It just isn’t possible. Unless you have a team of people helping you change. And a skateboard. Or a scooter. Or a bike. It doesn’t really matter the mode of transportation as long as it is something faster than your legs.

Though, a car would be unreasonable. It’s a small hallway.

So there I was, very confused, but not questioning that this was actually Kelly because she looked like Kelly. And the thing that made it even more obvious for me: she talked like Kelly. Just. Like. Kelly.

Here is the thing: Kelly has a very distinct voice. Couldn’t tell you what it is, but there is a tonal quality that makes it really unique. She’s a good singer, too. That’s not the point, but this is just to say that I was fully convinced that, for all intents and purposes, this, in fact, was Kelly. In my head, there was no reason to doubt it.

She was on her phone, made a comment about not being able to find the person on the other line, and hung up. When I looked down the hall, her sister was waving at her.

Her identical twin sister.

Please tell me, HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT COMING? I will be honest, I’m not too awful perceptive when it comes to things like this. After seeing them together, I remembered the actual Kelly making a brief reference to her twin sister in class once, but it had just gone in one ear and then evaporated in the empty space where a brain should be (apparently).

Twins, though! I’m so mad at myself right now! How could I have fallen for that?!

You see one twin, a short amount of time passes, you see the other twin and think it’s the same person. This is how characters get confused in cheesy films.

I’m a cheesy film character!

One of the saddest moments of my life, seriously. They are twins! Duh!

I really thought I was seeing things. Or really dumb.

Now I know. I am just really dumb.


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