What Have I Been Doing With My Life?

Ehem… Nothing.

That’s a lie– it’s been a lot of somethings, thus the not posting.

So, here it is:

I moved back into my on-campus dorm-apartment to begin training for my housing job (I work as a form of night security for the dorms on my campus) and have been spending 12 hours a day listening to people talk about how to do my job, how to be a good listener, etc. All very important things but all taxing when put one after another after another after another— you get it.

In the two weeks prior to me relocating my life back on campus, I was cramming in thesis research (which is really just me analyzing 6-7 novels in the children’s fantasy literature genre and making a shit ton of notes as well as finding scholarly articles and the like.)

I’ve also been pleasure reading various other books. If you like book recommendations, I will tell you that Sarah J. Maas’ book A Court of Thorns and Roses is very good. Fantasy is my favorite genre (if you couldn’t tell by my thesis topic) so I may be a little biased, but I honestly thought it was a very good read. The plot involves faeries but is quite different from any book I’ve ready in the past involving faeries (have to say they are usually not my favorite– like at all) but this one really grabbed my interest. Warning: the sequel doesn’t come out until next May, which is a super bummer because my friend who let me borrow the book didn’t tell me that until I was finished. You shouldn’t lead people on like that. It’s rude.

I actually got a chance to meet Sarah Maas at an author/book tour of Michigan a year or two ago (man, I can’t keep track of time) and she was super sweet. For that reason I emphasize that you should definitely check her and her books out. This is her second series, and I will be honest with you, I wasn’t too crazy about the first book in her first series, but since its publication and the 2-3 books following it in the series, she has been getting a lot of attention, so maybe I should try it again. Anyway, I can definitely see her growth as an author and it is very impressive to me, so if you like YA Fantasy, definitely give this girl a look.

I’m not going to be editing this post because I still have a ton of stuff to do tonight, the first of which is to take a shower because y’all I’m gross. I apologize now for the grammar issues I am sure this post is riddled with. I have had to press the space bar about a thousand times so far in this semi-short post which is typically not a good sign anyway. I’m also not wearing my glasses which is both strange and stupid because it could explain a lot of these errors, but I decided to do this in loo of taking my shower first, so I guess i just left them off and am only realizing it now.

Also sorry that this post is more like a stream of consciousness than a well thought out blog post. In the words of my boss: Awko Taco.

(I’m thinking I might just sign out with “M” from now on instead of saying Mel or Melanie. Just something I’m experimenting with. Will it stay? Who knows. I expect it will come and go with my mood. Might as well just keep with the theme of randomness in this post so far.)


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