Zoo After Hours: King Of the Rock Edition

I am writing this on my phone so if my grammar sucks or the formatting looks weird – whoops 😁.

This week on Detroit Zoo After Hours I invite you to sit back and laugh at all of the animals who think they are way cooler than they are.

Here we have our deer friend who refused to climb down from his stump throne even when his buddies came over for a visit. 

The prairie dogs, too, desired respect from their subjects. As you can see in the second picture, the other prairie dogs were definitely paying attention…

Finally, our bear from end decided that he wanted to get a drink from the more instead of the pool behind him. He put in quite the effort to make it happen but only managed to get the tip of his paw wet.

This is him getting frustrated:

And, finally, a picture of one of our extremely elusive beavers. They are almost never seen, which stemmed the joke that the beaver exhibit is actually a lie and there aren’t any beavers in it whatsoever. But – in a very rare instance – I got some awesome photo and video of our pretty lady!

I also got a video of her coming to see me at the window. I must ask you to please ignore the high-pitched squeakiness of my voice as I tried to coax her toward me. Just pretend I’m not talking 😶. 

Bonus: two short videos of Chester and Miranda, our two bush dogs, as they play with their ball. 

That’s it for this week’s after hours! I look forward to shar big more photos with you next Friday (pretend today is still Friday). Hopefully, the wolves will be out next time!



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