The Enigma That is Chili’s

This is going to be a short story, but I thought it was too funny not to share.

Note 1: Something to know about my friends is that we are all incredibly opinionated, but not a single one of us is good at making decisions. For opinionated people, we are somehow too laid-back when it comes to certain things. Picking a restaurant to eat at, for example.

Note 2: I grew up in the Midwestern United States, and nothing says Midwest suburbia like the restaurant Chili’s.

A couple of my friends were in from out of town recently, and we all wanted to get together to eat and catch up. Because who doesn’t like eating, right?

Of course, when you have two extremely picking eaters and one who is allergic to just about everything (*ehem* that’s me…), it isn’t always easy to pick a place to go. For us, this challenge is nearly impossible.

This happens to everyone, though, right? Places you go on the regular are boring!

But finding a place where I can eat (you know, and not die), and that our two picky eaters would be able to find something they would like on the menu, does not lead to the nicest conversations. Especially, when everyone is hangry.

So, what happened?

We argued about where to eat for an hour. AN HOUR. Do you know how much hungrier a person can get in an hour? A LOT, okay? And I’m really not a nice person when I’m hungry, I’ll be completely honest.

We went back and forth for an hour, listing nearly every restaurant in the local area, with exactly two conditions: 1) Not a pizza place, and 2) Not Chili’s.

So, where do we end up? F%@king Chili’s.

After the hour of arguing, we get into a car only to drive around and continue arguing for another fifteen minutes. And then, eventually, BOOM; there we were in the Chili’s parking lot.

We couldn’t stop laughing about the fact that we had specifically stated we all didn’t want to go to Chili’s, and yet that was somehow the only place we could agree on.

It was decided that, and I quote from one of my friends, “Chili’s is never the destination, it is just the place you end up.” And somehow that statement couldn’t be more true in the context of my life. I thought it was a piece of wisdom that needed to be shared with all of you too :D.

Sorry if you didn’t think that was as funny as me, it was just a very ridiculous afternoon, and I can’t help but laugh when I think about it.



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