Writing Exercise: Bathroom Break

Location Unknown – 1825 (approx.)


It would’ve been so much easier to have been born a boy, but as I watch Curly take a piss over the port side, I am glad I am a woman in every way that counts. If only common courtesy and self-awareness were God-given gifts to every man and not just the “weaker sex.” I would like to know what’s so weak about pushing a fully-formed human out of one’s body that has these men feeling so superior.

At the very least, after 59 years lost at sea together, there should be a rule about not relieving oneself in communal spaces. However, if I said as much to my father he would merely roll his eyes. Such is the life I signed up for when I snuck aboard this blasted ship.

“See something you like?” Curly sneers and I’m about to tell him exactly what it is I do see and how unimpressively small it is when Will slams his shoulder into Curly’s side as he pushes a mop across the deck.

“Sorry mate, didn’t see you there,” Will says with a smirk, and Curly curses as he uses his hand to swipe at a wet spot on his trousers.

I attempt, very poorly, to stifle my laughter with a rather unbelievable cough and Will winks at me. It wasn’t the outcome I was hoping for when this confrontation started, but I must admit I do feel slightly vindicated. That will have to be enough for now.


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