Book Review: The Love Interest (2.5 Stars)

The Love Interest is author Cale Dietrich's 2017 debut novel. It follows two boys, Caden and Dylan, who are part of an underground spy organization known as SIC, where they are trained to be either Nice (think boy next door) or Bad (every YA’s favorite brooding bad boy) and sent out to attempt to woo … Continue reading Book Review: The Love Interest (2.5 Stars)


Review: Carry On (4.75 Stars)

Simon Snow is a magician and the Chosen One. Baz is his roommate, and quite possibly a vampire. Who really knows? Simon's pretty sure he does. How is Simon supposed to defeat the Insidious Humdrum when he can't even seem to keep track of his evil roommate who he's pretty sure wants him dead. What is … Continue reading Review: Carry On (4.75 Stars)