Book Reviews

This is me playing literary catch-up in the wonderful world of books (heavily YA focused, but not always!) If you’ve been curious about any of these books, or if you are simply looking for your next TBR (to be read), feel free to peruse through my list of reviews and see what fits your fancy.

All of the books I have – and will – review are given a rating out of five stars (five out of five stars being the highest quality reads). By this, I mean what the works are like in terms of their more technical makeup: plot, character, writing style, voice, etc. I have included this rating (based solely on my opinion) by the titles of each work, so if you would like to narrow down your options based on this feature specifically, it will be easier to do so. Still, I highly recommend you give each of these books a fair shot, because people have differing opinions, right?

Each book will also be given a UUS (Ultimately Useless Stories) nomination based on how much I enjoyed reading it (because, let’s face it, some books are important but SO HARD to read – that’s just the truth of it). These will look like the following (from least-enjoyed to most-enjoyed):

  1. Meh, don’t bother
  2. It’s all right I guess…
  3. Give-Me-A-Read
  4. Totally Worth the Read



(LGBTQ+) Jess, Chunk, and the Road Trip to Infinity (3.25 stars) (Give-Me-A-Read)

(Magical Realism) A Monster Calls (5 stars) (YOU MUST READ THIS!)

(LGBTQ+, Spy) The Love Interest (2.5 stars) (Meh, don’t bother)



(LGBTQ+) Carry On (4.75 stars) (Totally Worth the Read)