Stress and St. Patty’s Day

It is St. Patrick's Day and I am stressed out. No, more than stressed. If there was an "I quit" button for my life, I would press it. I would no longer be a college student and, instead, sit on a sunny beach somewhere getting a sunburn, and ruing social expectations. I would RUE them. … Continue reading Stress and St. Patty’s Day

A Piece of Writing for Your Perusing

I feel really bad about not writing in such a long time, so until I get a chance to sit down and tell you all about my (super duper interesting) life in the past two months or so, I thought I would show you all two pieces from a short story of mine. I'm not sure why … Continue reading A Piece of Writing for Your Perusing

The Peasants May Not Touch the Furs

The city I live in is an interesting place. One half of it is what you might think of when you picture a normal, American suburb. There are people with incomes that range from not-so-good to average to good and everything in-between. And then there's the other side of my city. The holy-crap-she-just-spent-two-grand-at-Victoria's-Secret-and-didn't-blink-an-eye kind of … Continue reading The Peasants May Not Touch the Furs