Being a Tourist in Japan: Things to Know Before You Go

I recently went to Japan. Here are some of the things I learned, noticed, and recommend as a tourist!


Writing Exercise: Storytime

The little that I know about my father’s history as a sailor boils down to this: there are things I will never know, and for that I should be grateful. His words, not mine. He seems to think I’m not capable of fully comprehending the things he’s done. Well, perhaps that’s true, but I would … Continue reading Writing Exercise: Storytime

Chapter One Events Blog Tour: Writers & Mental Health

Hi all, I am pleased to be holding today’s stop for the Chapter One Events Blog Tour! As some of you may know, Chapter One Events is a nonprofit organization based in Chicago, Illinois, whose goal is to provide resources and a supportive community for young writers all around the world. We have two annual … Continue reading Chapter One Events Blog Tour: Writers & Mental Health