Meet the Characters

Welcome to meet the characters, a place where you will find truth mixed with fiction. Mostly fiction. Disclaimer: these people are based off of living individuals but their names, histories, and family lives – frankly, nearly everything about them – are not true. So, really, you could argue it either way.

Let’s start with me. My name is Mel Smith. Pretty generic, I know, I made it up myself. My favorite color is mauve even though it’s ugly, and I am terrified of butterflies. Yes, I know it’s a wimpy fear. Get over it. My favorite instrument is the piano even though I don’t know how to play it, and my parents are both photographers. I like pickles, I would like to have a career in journalism, and my future is bright. At least, that’s what my teachers say. But it’s possible they are lying to me.

Now on to my fellow cohorts.

Maxine: Her favorite color is green and she likes bats. I mean, she really likes bats. There’s a name for the type of scientist she wants to be: a bat scientist. Her parents are scientists too. Her father is into cross genetics (SpiderMan type stuff). Her mom works with atoms, but not in the way of bombs. It’s more like…I don’t know. Confusing. She tried to explain it once but I’m not good with math, or science, or just thinking in general.

Rupee: She was named after the Indian currency. Her parents like to travel; they’ve been to over eighty countries and can speak fifteen languages between them. My mother calls them hippies. Whatever. So what if they like tie-dye? Rupee’s mom also believes in the practice of voodoo. I don’t go over to their house much.

Gwen: Her dad works for NASA in department 51, which if you don’t know, is the same as Area 51. Aliens! Well, that’s what I think at least. He’s very secretive. Once, he wouldn’t let Gwen come to school for a week because the newscaster predicted a meteor shower. He said that it was the aliens’ way of scrambling our networks. Gwen’s not like that at all. She’s very prim and proper. We call her the conscience of our group, she keeps us stable. She also presses her socks; whatever that does…

Mazda: Her father is a NASCAR driver, and yes, she is named after the car company. She can also take apart an engine and rebuild it in 4 minutes 27 seconds, which I guess is a good thing for her age group. Her father quizzes her on the weekends. Her favorite color is red and she has a leather jacket signed by every race winner ever since she was three. Her dad’s name is on there a lot. I like Mazda, but I don’t understand what she’s saying some of the time; she gets very excitable. And by that, I mean she is easily angered. We like to believe that we calm her a little.

Sophie: Sophie is the quiet one of the group but that isn’t saying very much. She’s very manipulative, and she’s great when you need permission from the principal or revenge on a certain girl who spilled pasta on your favorite shirt (but that’s a story for later). She’s a computer hacker–not that she would admit to it. She calls it, “professional data assistance”, PDA. She’s also one of the few of us with a boyfriend. He’s the son of a CIA agent, we know because Sophie hacked into Langley once for a whole thirty-seven seconds to look up his profile. It was pretty awesome. And bad, totally bad. (But mostly awesome).

Crystal: Her mom is a supermodel so Crystal has been all over the world travelling and posing for fashion shoots. She’s getting into the business herself; she just signed with Teen Vogue, we’re very proud. She can also put away a plate of french fries faster than anyone I know. Her favorite color is fuchsia and sometimes I catch her singing Justin Bieber even though she swears she does not have the fever. She also knows Brad Pitt; her mom used to date him when they were teenagers. Crystal is currently dating our school’s star athlete: James Beard. His name isn’t very pretty, but he is. He plays soccer, lacrosse, and last year he won all-states in swimming.

Penny: Her parents live one-third of the year in Greece, one-third in Egypt, and the other third traversing across the United States. One’s an architect and the other one is an archaeologist so they work closely on a lot of neat projects, like building homes that look like old Egyptian temples! Easy to say they mostly work with millionaires. They named her Persephone after the Greek goddess, but everyone just calls her Penny; frankly, because her full name is harder to spell. For the most part Penny just boards with her Aunt Joy, whose obsession with goldfish doesn’t really make the house…study conducive. Still, Penny somehow manages to be at the forefront of her studies in her major, Asian Mythologies. She prefers to wear large sweaters all year round because she says they create a good vibe. For me they just create sweat. She’s also really good at photography. She spent two whole summers in Greece learning how to take pictures while visiting her parents. I. Can’t. Even.

Now, not everyone will be in every story so don’t worry about having to remember everything about everyone. I’ll slip in reminders so you won’t forget. These will be the stars of my show, but don’t think every story is going to be a girly mess. That’s not how I roll. Like I said, our stories are useless, so they’re good reads for everyone!

Oh, and don’t be surprised if new characters pop up now and then. Some might even find their way onto this page if their stories get told often enough!


3 thoughts on “Meet the Characters

  1. Hey Mel,
    Btw bat scientists don’t really exist, if they did they’d be chiroptologist. Maybe I can become the first one!!!!! Anyway thanks you for not mentioning my costumes, people always try to see it. Oh wait will people read this. Nevermind I’ll be fine. Thanks for finally writing our exploits.


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