“What Do You Mean You Can’t Take Your Pants Off?!”

During the days of “That’s what she said!”, brought to us by my personal favorite comedy actor—Steve Carell—there were many inappropriate jokes made; some good, some bad, and some blatantly stupid. And while many of these jokes were intentional, some of the best were not. This was one of those jokes. Cruise ships are like … Continue reading “What Do You Mean You Can’t Take Your Pants Off?!”

I Think I’m Psychic

The laws of middle school state that there is a chance—miniscule for most—that a single story, a single trait, can be the defining factor between popular and dweeb. If you get it right, you will rocket into middle school sainthood. If you don’t…well…you don’t. This is one of those don’t stories. Chicago is a lovely … Continue reading I Think I’m Psychic