Tips For New/Young Writers

I want to preface this post by saying that these are tips/advice that I wish someone would have given me as a young writer (or as someone just starting out writing). Because these come from my own personal experience, some of the tips may seem random or odd, but I thought I would include them anyway. I … Continue reading Tips For New/Young Writers


Short Story: Lessons Learned

Another short story from my creative writing class! Enjoy 🙂 Also, today marks my third year on WordPress! Hurray! ~~~~~ Lessons Learned Miss Papperman’s School for the Gifted Elite was both opulent and terrible. Referred to as “the bastille” by the students who attended it—sons and daughters of government officials, politicians, lawyers, doctors, ambassadors, and … Continue reading Short Story: Lessons Learned

Flash Fiction: A Celebration at Holly Lake

I recently shared a small piece of writing- here -that I did in my creative writing course this summer. Here is the full, finished short story (although it's definitely more of a flash-fiction piece). A Celebration at Holly Lake Tic-tic-plume. Tic-tic-tic-plume. Skipping rocks dive underwater, upsetting thick layers of fleshy moss as they sink past. He fondles … Continue reading Flash Fiction: A Celebration at Holly Lake

Trying to Tell a Story Without Actually Telling the Story

I am in a creative writing course this summer in order to begin finishing out my degree, and one of the exercises we were given in class was to write about a situation using vivid, concrete language and sensory details without actually stating what the situation was about. We were given specific prompts within that general … Continue reading Trying to Tell a Story Without Actually Telling the Story