Review: Carry On (4.75 Stars)

Simon Snow is a magician and the Chosen One. Baz is his roommate, and quite possibly a vampire. Who really knows? Simon's pretty sure he does. How is Simon supposed to defeat the Insidious¬†Humdrum when he can't even seem to keep track of his evil roommate who he's pretty sure wants him dead. What is … Continue reading Review: Carry On (4.75 Stars)

Mini Post About Nothing #17: Fangirling to the Max

So this is definitely going to be a super random post about nothing, because I just came across this while doing research for a novel I'm working on. Everyone has heard of a fangirl, right? Those crazy, obsessed people who take loving something/someone to the ultimate next level. Or the people who can scream so … Continue reading Mini Post About Nothing #17: Fangirling to the Max