I’m Turning Into the Pillsbury Doughboy

I have a sweet tooth the size of Canada. It used to be the size of Texas but it has grown as I age. Unfortunately, as hard as I try to stay away from the candy--and for this I blame Wonka┬ábecause it really does feed the imagination! (That's why it's my favorite)--I just cannot do … Continue reading I’m Turning Into the Pillsbury Doughboy


Ghostbusters and the Zombie Apocalypse

I just spent my Saturday night ghost hunting at an old plantation home (equipped with two old barns, slave quarters, and two graveyards--one for the family and the other for slaves--though the slave one can only be found during the daytime). Now when you think about this place, don't think "historically revived plantation home with … Continue reading Ghostbusters and the Zombie Apocalypse