Short Story: Lessons Learned

Another short story from my creative writing class! Enjoy 🙂 Also, today marks my third year on WordPress! Hurray! ~~~~~ Lessons Learned Miss Papperman’s School for the Gifted Elite was both opulent and terrible. Referred to as “the bastille” by the students who attended it—sons and daughters of government officials, politicians, lawyers, doctors, ambassadors, and … Continue reading Short Story: Lessons Learned


Flash Fiction: A Celebration at Holly Lake

I recently shared a small piece of writing- here -that I did in my creative writing course this summer. Here is the full, finished short story (although it's definitely more of a flash-fiction piece). A Celebration at Holly Lake Tic-tic-plume. Tic-tic-tic-plume. Skipping rocks dive underwater, upsetting thick layers of fleshy moss as they sink past. He fondles … Continue reading Flash Fiction: A Celebration at Holly Lake