Writing Exercise: Storytime

The little that I know about my father’s history as a sailor boils down to this: there are things I will never know, and for that I should be grateful. His words, not mine. He seems to think I’m not capable of fully comprehending the things he’s done. Well, perhaps that’s true, but I would … Continue reading Writing Exercise: Storytime

Writing Exercise: A Marriage Meeting

London, England - 1766 (approx.)   I tuck a loose curl behind my ear. Mariana, my lady’s maid, will want to pin it to my scalp the moment she sees it, but I like knowing that it’s there; a small piece of me that cannot be restrained. I tug on my kid gloves, hoping the … Continue reading Writing Exercise: A Marriage Meeting

Short Story: Lessons Learned

Another short story from my creative writing class! Enjoy 🙂 Also, today marks my third year on WordPress! Hurray! ~~~~~ Lessons Learned Miss Papperman’s School for the Gifted Elite was both opulent and terrible. Referred to as “the bastille” by the students who attended it—sons and daughters of government officials, politicians, lawyers, doctors, ambassadors, and … Continue reading Short Story: Lessons Learned