Writing Exercise: Storytime

The little that I know about my father’s history as a sailor boils down to this: there are things I will never know, and for that I should be grateful. His words, not mine. He seems to think I’m not capable of fully comprehending the things he’s done. Well, perhaps that’s true, but I would … Continue reading Writing Exercise: Storytime

Writing Exercise: The Sea of Antiquities

Mediterranian Sea - 1793 (approx.)   I often wonder if living humans realize the wealth they have amassed at the bottom of the ocean. None of which was intentional, certainly, or perhaps was made by some kind of madman, but I never cease to be amazed by the items long forgotten (thus dredged up by … Continue reading Writing Exercise: The Sea of Antiquities

Query Letters Make You Want to Jump of the Cliff the Earthquake Made

We had an earthquake drill today. Um...what? Yes, that's right, earthquakes. In southern America. *Cough*Cough--we don't have earthquakes here. Apparently--according to the campus-wide text the university sent out--it's national earthquake month. Which doesn't even make sense because the majority of America does not have earthquakes. Apparently they failed to let the professors know this because … Continue reading Query Letters Make You Want to Jump of the Cliff the Earthquake Made

Ghostbusters and the Zombie Apocalypse

I just spent my Saturday night ghost hunting at an old plantation home (equipped with two old barns, slave quarters, and two graveyards--one for the family and the other for slaves--though the slave one can only be found during the daytime). Now when you think about this place, don't think "historically revived plantation home with … Continue reading Ghostbusters and the Zombie Apocalypse