This is a Book

Rose is a ghost-zombie-pirate that has somehow managed to misplace her heart. Literally.

Mary is a government worker (*cough*cough assassin) hired to prevent an alien invasion. She’s currently on the run after “accidentally” running over a U.S. diplomat with a double-decker bus in London.

For the past year, the two have been working together to gather information on the pending invasion, but when a dead body washes ashore on the River Thames, they are confronted with a new array of problems (you know, besides the fact that Mary can see dead people). Now they must not only solve the murder of a guy who may not be dead, but pay a visit to a mysterious king, the ruler of Norland–a place neither here nor there–who may have some of the answers they’ve been seeking.

Only, first they’re going to have to deal with ferocious monsters, talking animals, annoying pixies, nosy newspaper editors, one seriously irritating computer hacker, and—hardest of all—

Each other.

But will they be able to stop an alien invasion, catch a murderer, and solve the centuries old mystery surrounding the death of Rose and her pirate crew before they all die? Again.


To find chapters (new and old), character descriptions, and to get informed about competitions past and present, click the button below to visit the new official blogsite for This is a Book!

Keep an eye out for new chapters of This is a Book Too!!! We will be starting the second book in our genre-less blog-novel trilogy starting later next month.

We love you lots (you crazy readers, you)!

Mel and Julia


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