I’m the Unreliable Narrator of My Own Life

Well hello,

I hope it’s been a swell eight months or whatever kind of crazy amount of time has passed since my last post. I’m not going to spend a ton of time apologizing because I do that every time I realize I have completely abandoned my readers (I really am sorry about it, though) and, instead, I am going to share some exciting news. Julia – over at the blog Julia the Writer Girl – and I are officially re-editing This Is a Book!

If you happened to read the book when we first posted it on our blogs – and, yes, that is the version that is still posted – then YIKES (and also thanks)! If you haven’t, all the information is located under the “This Is a Book” tab on my main menu, including the novel’s synopsis and full-length chapters. There is a lot of editing that needs to take place: world discovery, character development, and a general sense of unanimity among a whole lot of other stuff. We really believe in this story despite the fact that it’s in pretty rough shape at the moment, so we’ve decided to take the editing process slow as we rediscover our characters and the totally bizarre world they live in.

A lot of our new approach to editing is coming in the form of writing exercises. I am not sure if these will lead anywhere or if we will even be keeping the scenes/stories that these contain, but I would like to share some of them with you as they are written. I’ve been really pleased with the exercises I’ve done thus far and I think it would be cool to give you an insider’s look at our editing process. Whether or not you’ve read This Is a Book in the past, I hope you will enjoy these tidbits from the life of my character, Rosalina Delrey, as I further discover exactly who she is. You know, aside from a zombie-ghost-pirate who has somehow misplaced her heart.

– KP


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