You’ve Got Some S’planin’ to Do

I want to start off by apologizing again for the crazy, mixed-up schedule involving the posting of chapters for This is a Book. Beginning next Thursday we will be starting up the posts again with Chapter Twelve on Julia’s blog. Until then, we need your help! That’s right–

We Want YOU!

Julia and I want our readers to create the next character introduced in our novel! There will be more info to come on this later after we discuss it more this weekend, so keep watching for new details. And if you haven’t read This is a Book yet and experienced the wonder that is a genre-less, barrier-less story, follow this link: I’m a link!

Speaking of this weekend, it’s time (finally) for the Writer’s Digest Conference, and I’m about to pee my pants. Not literally, that would be gross. Packing makes me extremely nervous because I just know I’m going to leave something behind, and I have never had to fly alone before. Ahhh! Planes in general are just a little bit freaky. I’m not claustrophobic, but still…not the biggest fan of the flying metal machines.

I will keep you updated about the different events and things that I see throughout the weekend, so expect a lot of “mini-post about nothing”s coming your way. Who knows, maybe New York City is filled with tons of fellow averages and I just don’t know because I’ve never been before. I will certainly let you know when I find them šŸ™‚

There probably won’t be an official post on Saturday, but rather, many small ones throughout the weekend. I think that pretty much makes up for it though, right?

Don’t forget to check in later for details on the new character for This is a Book!

Check you on the flip side,



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