Warning! This Post Doesn’t Have a Point

Do my posts really ever have a point, though? Really…?

I have literally been trying to write this same short story for weeks. Worse than that, I have about nine different documents that I have started with the same basic idea, but once I’ve started something I hate, I have to begin with a completely new document. I am going to use up my entire hard drive just trying to write this one short story.

What’s the matter with me??? Ten pages. It’s ten pages.


Apparently with me, it’s a whole novel, or no story at all. I have absolutely no idea why this is not working!!!! Writing sucks. Writing just sucks. It’s a hopeless career. I don’t think there’s ever been a good short story, novel, poem, etc. where the writer was just like, “oh, yeah, I totally B.S.ed that. I just sat down at my computer/typewriter/desk with pen and paper and just wrote a bunch of crap. Writers have to be inspired, and let me tell you: inspiration NEVER comes when you have a creative writing paper due. Never. It’s like the universe is trying to spite me. I’m the butt of the joke.

“Oh, yeah, that girl. She’s trying to write a paper. Ha! Not going to happen–no inspiration for you! Sucker. Mwahahaha.”

You suck universe!

I’m also the kind of writer that figures out my characters and plot as I go. If I outline something from the beginning, it always comes out really boring. I can try to outline something generally or write down points that I’m going to hit, but I never follow it because it sucks all of the creative juices right out of me. And for all of you who have not tried/cared to write a short story, let me tell you something…

It requires planning.

Of course.

I think I am the only person in the world who can make creative writing literally painful for my mind. I know I’m over-thinking this, I just have the patience of someone…without patience. If you’ve made it this far into this post, congratulations. You are either really bored and thus don’t mind reading this rant, or you’re a really nice person. Maybe both 🙂

Thanks for sticking it out with me!




One thought on “Warning! This Post Doesn’t Have a Point

  1. Fact: I have BSed almost every short story I have ever written. Not saying that they’re good (because I think they’re pretty darn awful, actually), but I’ve found the whole quantity over quality thing works wonders for getting school assignments done.

    You write that short story, girl! YOU CAN DO IT!!

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