How to Tell When You’ve Become Too Obsessed With Something

The One Direction, YouTube, Tumblr, and Korean Drama edition!!!

1) If you thoughts revolve around when your favorite drama is going to be uploaded to DramaFever or Viki (those are websites where you can find English subs of current drams from across Asia, South America, Spain, and… that might be it. There are some American shows on there too, I think. British stuff maybe? I can’t remember) Point is: you know you’ve got a problem!

2) If your roommate leaves to go to class and you’re in the same exact position you were in when she left–you have a problem. But there’s so much to watch on YouTube and so little time!!! So what, I want to watch a sneezing panda on repeat? Is that a crime? 

3) If you find yourself simultaneously scrolling through Tumblr on your phone AND laptop at the same time (Rupee), you have a problem. 

4) If 22/25 of the decorative posters and magazine clippings in your room consist of only One Direction–you have a problem. And yet, my internal monologue looks something like this:

Yeah, but is really a problem?

Yes! It’s REALLY a problem.

But are you sure???


5) If you may or may not have bought a large, cardboard cutout of a member that may or may not be in that band, with the intention of scaring people but have only–as of yet–scared yourself on numerous occasions…

My brain: Um, actually, that sounds like a personal problem. Like maybe you need to reevaluate your life.



So many problems, so much time to ignore them,



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