The Fourth Floor Is Going to War

But this time it’s not between ourselves. Let me tell you a little story…

(Which in no way reflects actual events. *Wink)

Once upon a time there was a hall full of princesses. You see, their castles were all being renovated at the same time, so their parents threw them all together in order to conserve space. Now, as you can imagine, the personalities of these princesses were not all the same, and there was no lack of conflict. But the one thing that most–if not all–of these princesses had in common: they were loud. Really loud.

For how were their people supposed to hear them if they did not bellow their orders?

Well, one day the woman in charge of these princesses, (their lead housekeeper, Elsa) became fed up! These girls were not pulling their weight. They were rowdy, their hall was messy, and the peasants that lived on the floors bellow them were beginning to complain! But princesses have never had to behave, so what was there to do?!

Go to war!!!!

Now it’s the princesses vs. the rest of the world and all crazy is about to break loose as the girls arm themselves with superiority and airs, and the peasants grab their torches and pitchforks!

How are the princesses to survive?

I will inform you on the coming events as there is a meeting of kingdoms tomorrow night. If it is not postponed again. (Princesses have very busy schedules, you see).

Except me, of course. I’m secretly a ninja pirate pretending to be a princess. Later I will steel all of their secrets and be King of the world. They just don’t know that yet.

I’m stuck in a world of Medieval Averages!!!



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