The Brotherhood of the Traveling Duck

In our family, an unlikely tradition has spurned from inter-family rivalry between sisters, brothers, cousins, and grandparents alike. A tradition involving the ugliest wooden yard duck you have ever seen (I wish I had a picture for you, but unfortunately I’m not that forward thinking).

It started as a Secret Santa gift that was intended as a joke by one of my “funny” uncles. Not because they’re strange–not that kind of funny–but because their jokes, much like my father’s, aren’t always…funny. Sorry guys if you’re reading this. Although I highly doubt you are, so I’m not really going to concern myself about it 🙂 Did that sound mean? I think it sounded mean, sorry. I am being distracted by the current conversation. This is more of a stream of consciousness (warning)!

So the duck was unwrapped and, surprise, surprise, nobody wanted it. The amount of times it was passed around–was traded away from hand to hand–I’m surprised it hasn’t appeared in some terrifying place…like under my bed. It has appeared in Christmas stockings, the backseats of cars, and in shadowy corners of houses that people tend to forget about.

We’re not sure where it is right now. I think it might be at my uncles house, but who really knows? The creepy wooden duck is haunting some dusty corner of some damp basement. It’s probably angry and just waiting to pounce.


Not to get too preachy, but it’s the holiday season. Try doing something nice for one other person (or more than one)! Adopt a family if you can, or give someone who needs them a warm pair of gloves. Get creative, make someone a present that means something, smile at a stranger who seems sad, make someone’s day!

One nice thing a day. That’s my goal, anyway.

Happy Holidays, friends 🙂 Talk to you soon!




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